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Safeguarding is everyone’s business in the CCG

Important updates about safeguarding supervision, training, appraisals and support from the CCG Safeguarding Designated Professionals

We know how important the work of the CCG is in ensuring people receive the right care at the right time. Following an audit we want to find ways to enhance the safeguarding offer of support to strengthen “everyone’s” ability to THINK SAFEGUARDING!

Safeguarding Supervision

Do you need advice, support or guidance in relation to a complex safeguarding adult/children concern or more general safeguarding issues?   If so, please consider safeguarding supervision.

Examples of safeguarding supervision may be a:

  • Complex safeguarding matter
  • Circumstance were there are safeguarding and mental capacity considerations
  • Complicated ‘’on call’’ incident for Directors or Senior Managers
  • High risk self-neglect concern
  • Exploitation
  • How to navigate the safeguarding processes with colleagues – especially the local authorities
  • Prevent- when you have concerns someone may be exploited to support
  • Terrorism
  • Concerns about organisational abuse
  • Matters were you want to reflect on your response

Safeguarding Supervision is available to any CCG colleague from the CCG Safeguarding Team.  It might be for a specific case or if you feel there is a need to develop practice further in this area and with your manager’s approval then further 1:1 or group sessions could be arranged. Or if you would like one of us to come to your team meeting to talk more general about adult or children’s safeguarding then please let us know.

You can contact any member of the safeguarding team using the details below. We are happy to help you with any complex safeguarding query. Please also see the Supervision (Safeguarding) Policy.

Area Safeguarding Team Member Details Contact Details
Children Audrey Scott-Ryan, Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Children


Kelly Jones, Deputy Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Children

Mobile: 07891 559264



Mobile: 07554 417618



Looked After Children Maggie Braun’ Designated Nurse for Looked After Children



Maria Hadley, Assistant Director Safeguarding



Mobile: 07813 366169



Mobile: 07816 498654


Adults Paul Cooper, Designated Adult Safeguarding Lead



Rachel Jones, Deputy Designated Adult Safeguarding Lead



Mobile: 07837 186523



Mobile: 07554 437596


Safeguarding Training

Have you undertaken your mandatory adult and children’s safeguarding training? If you are a manager how do you check that those in your team have been able to complete this?

Safeguarding as part of your Annual Appraisal

Mandatory training compliance should be part of your annual appraisal so please make sure you are up to date with your training.


REMEMBER if you have any safeguarding queries please do not hesitate to contact the team. We are here to help.


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