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Eye Care Services

The health and care system in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin is transforming local eye-care services.

The aim is to provide effective eye-care services that are more joined up so that adults and children get the best care possible when and where they need it.

Dealing with the pandemic has impacted the amount of planned care the NHS has been able to provide and estimates suggest over 10 million patients in England did not come forward for treatment when they may have needed it. 

People are also living for longer which is to be celebrated but means the need for certain services such as eye-care services is increasing.  

This has led to record levels of demand at a time when services are also under huge pressure due to staff shortages. This is resulting in longer waits for many patients.

We want to improve the experience of patients and staff working in eye-care services by looking at the way people access care, how they manage their eye conditions, and how the services work together, share information, and provide good patient care.

We held online workshops for eye care professionals and the public which gave people the chance to hear more about this programme and share their own experiences about current services and what they think could be improved. We also reached into our communities to capture other feedback from groups and individuals and ran a public survey which received more than 250 responses.

All of this rich insight has been brought together and shared with our health and care staff to shape the future model. Once we have a proposal for what the service could look like in future, we will be getting back in touch with people to check that it reflects what they have told us.

Here are some key documents which provide more information about the programme:

Stakeholder presentation

Reasons for change

Stakeholder briefing – June 2022

Engagement report

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