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How we involve the public

Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) staff will involve patients and those who may use services in the future.  This includes carers and families where relevant.  Taking an asset based community approach the CCG can identify the range of partners who may have an interest in involvement and a useful contribution to make.  This could include members of self help and support groups, Healthwatch, faith groups, patient and carer groups, local neighbourhood action groups or charities.  In our Communication and Engagement Strategy we have mapped our stakeholders and the most effective way to communicate with them.

The CCG will strive to engage directly with the population affected by the commissioning activity.  In some circumstances, some aspects of public involvement can take place by representatives, this would be supplemented with very focused engagement activity around specific groups in our community who would suffer a more adverse impact of the proposed changes.

Examples of ways that we engage patients and the public include:

  • Through their elected representatives (MPs and councillors)
  • Letters or emails to the affected individuals
  • Newsletters
  • Information on notice boards in local community facilities such as GP surgeries, libraries, leisure centres and supermarkets
  • Suggestion boxes
  • Leaflet drops
  • Dedicated events to enable discussion
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys and feedback forms
  • Seek views at local events or venues such as faith centres, community celebrations, festivals, markets, schools, leisure centres, libraries, shopping centres, neighbourhood gatherings
  • Work with local VCSE organisations, local healthwatch and the Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) at GP surgeries
  • Provide opportunities for the public to meet staff (not just during office hours, which could exclude people who work and children and young people who are at school)
  • Formal public consultations
  • Social media, for example Twitter, Facebook
  • Public and patient advisory or reference groups
  • Patient and public representatives who provide regular input to committees/groups/boards
  • Co-production with experts by experience

Engagement and involvement opportunities

Throughout the year, the CCG are always looking for patients, carers and the public to get involved in particular projects.  For those people who would like to volunteer for various roles, we are committed to providing relevant training and support to you.

This may include an initial face to face informal chat, to listen to your interests and experiences so that we find the right involvement opportunity for you.  Once you become a volunteer, we will accompany you to any meetings/workshops until you feel comfortable to attend on you own.

The CCG have a Volunteer Policy (currently being updated) which includes how we will support you to undertake your role and how you can claim back any out of pocket expenses.

The current opportunities are:

  • Members for the CCG Reading Group


If you are interested in any of the above opportunities please email:

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